Leire Unzueta 

My name is Leire and I’m a 31 year old girl from the Basque Country, in northern Spain. I started making photos at a young age because I wanted to document my school field trips and then my travels around the world with friends and partner. Ever since my husband and I got a camper van a few years ago, I’ve become more aware of the beautiful sceneries in nature and therefore I’d say that I’ve developed an interest in landscape and travel photography.


Florian Gruet

Hello I'm Florian, I live close to the Mediterranean Sea, where I do most of my photos in summer and winter


Carlo Prearo

I am an Italian photographer based in Belgium. I have my studio in the countryside outside Brussels. I am 41 old. Since I was a young boy I used to go around with a second-hand plastic camera called Exacta but it was on a hobby level. I graduated in Law and moved to Rome. After two years I decided to stop with this career and to follow my passion. I moved to Spain, Valencia, during the night I worked as a receptionist, during the day I studied as a photographer in a private school called "Revelarte" and practiced shooting for a local magazine. Then I moved to Brussels to study at "Agnes Varda" School where after three years I graduated in photography.


Ana Larazzy

My name is Ana Larazzy, I am 25 years old, I am from Caracas, Venezuela and I currently reside in Bogotá. Most of my work is based on the use of natural light and high contrast, I always try to tell a story through the photos without having to give it a name. I started with photography in 2010, first experimentally until I started photographing fashion and portraits, which is what I am currently doing.


Alessandro Gallo

My interest for photography started when I was a boy, but, for different reasons, I could not follow it until recent years (2014). I studied, looked, read, listened ... and started exploring the places around me with different eyes. Photography is more than a passion, it is something which allows me to express my visions of reality.


Inna Mosina

The basis of my current creativity is reflection. With the help of photography, I look deep into myself. I am inspired by the themes of the soul, consciousness, acceptance, the place of man in our Earth and harmony. All these thoughts - reasoning are born in my photographs.


Maxime Israel Collier

My name is Maxime, I am a 27 years old Belgian living in Vancouver, Canada. After finishing my MBA in management and innovation I fell in love with a Canadian girl which helped my decision to move on the other side of the planet.


Witold Ziomek 

My name is Witold Ziomek, I am 24 years old and I live in Krakow, Poland. From the beginning of 2017 I started to travel and take photos by the way. Now I cannot function without it.